Zombies are here to kill in PUBG MOBILE, but we advise you to wait

Zombies are here to kill in PUBG MOBILE, but we advise you to wait


The PUBG MOBILE universe is presently extremely hyped about just one thing – the zombie mode. After Tencent Games announced a partnership with the popular zombie shooter – Resident Evil 2, on PC, players have been looking forward to slaying zombies on the ruins of PUBG’s dangerous maps. After waiting for a long while, the zombie update has been rolled out for players. It’s still in beta mode, which means you can only access the new features with PUBG MOBILE BETA version 0.11.0.

The version 0.11.0 update brings the highly anticipated zombie mode to the game. The zombie mode celebrates the launch of Resident Evil 2 on PC, Xbox and PS4 platforms. It’s not exactly known whether the zombie mode is a special time-limited event or will be a permanent addition to the game. That said, the zombie mode provides for a different and fresh gameplay experience for PUBG MOBILE fans.

Yay! Zombies are here

In the zombie mode, players are allowed to fight it out on the ruins of Erangel. Instead of the 100-player room, the zombie mode only allows 60 at a time in the beta version. The players have to fight it out as usual for claiming the Chicken Dinner. However, zombies keep on appearing in between to make the process tough and spicy. You will get to see normal zombies as well as “boss zombie” inspired by the boss villains of Resident Evil 2. These will keep on appearing occasionally to kill you with bare hands. To make it more realistic, the match keeps on switching between day and night. To add to the celebration, the main menu theme and background has been modified to echo the Resident Evil 2’s theme.

Vikendi and Sanhok get some love too

However, the new update won’t only be focusing on zombies alone. For starters, the Vikendi snow map gets a new moonlight mode to imitate the night mode scenarios. For those who love Quick Matches, Sanhok gets added to the list with its diverse range of topography and weapons.

Blue zone becomes friendlier

Certain refinements have also been made to the Blue Zone. The changelog states that further a player is from the boundary of the blue zone, more the damage will be inflicted on his/her health. This makes it good news for those who stay nearby to the edge of the blue zone during the closing stages of the matches. Additionally, the developers have also tweaked the air raid system. It’s promised that air raids will adjust according to the size of the blue zone.

Don’t download it yet

The zombie update is a part of the beta version of PUBG MOBILE. While it may be fun if you are impatient to try out the new features, the beta version of the game will have stability issues as well as bugs. You might end up not having a pleasant experience of the game.

Since features from the beta version make it to the stable build within a week or two, it’s advisable to wait for the stable rollout of version 0.11.0 update on Android and iOS.