PUBG Mobile’s upcoming update to feature new weapons and a new Zombie Mode

PUBG Mobile’s upcoming update to feature new weapons and a new Zombie Mode

PUBG Mobile is introducing a new update with loads of new content for fans of the game. The most noticeable of the new changes coming to update 0.12.0 Beta are new weapons and a new Zombie mode. The latest update also allows players to have different varieties of birds as companions.

PUBG’s latest mobile update requires 1.8GB of storage space for Android and is still in beta but will soon be made available to all players.

Here’s a list of some of the biggest changes coming to PUBG Mobile –

Survive Till Dawn Improvements

RPG 7 is a new rocket launcher coming to the game as a world spawn, equipped with a total of 6 rockets with iron sights. The update also brings a new Jungle Style magazine that houses 60 bullets that can be attached to assault rifles. Additionally, Flamethrowers deal more damage, while the M134 handling has been fine-tuned.

The update also brings a new crossbow with arrows that explode on impact, while new liquid nitrogen grenades freeze enemies and reduce their movement speed. A toxic gas in the night prevents players from going outside.

While zombies’ movements are now hampered by firearms and stun grenades, the new update also adds jumping zombies and zombie dogs, some of which can climb over walls or onto the roof.


Companions can now be levelled up by taking them into battle. Each of the total five levels unlocks more animations. Companions remain invisible to enemies, so as to not expose a player’s position.

New Infinity Mode: Darkest Night

This mode will have players fighting against zombies for one night with teams that survive till dawn declared as the winners.

Other Changes

The red dot aimer also comes in different shapes and can be changed to green, while the hip-fire crosshair has more colours to choose from. UAZ skins can also be showcased in the lobby and players can even spectate friends from their lobby or send enemies friend requests.