PUBG MOBILE has monsters that you can’t kill in India

PUBG MOBILE has monsters that you can’t kill in India


Until now, players looking for a battle royale game for the mobile platform had a choice of two games – PUBG MOBILE and Fortnite. The former focuses on real-world gameplay physics while the latter requires the player’s imaginations to fight as well as build structures to win matches. PUBG MOBILE is more popular in these parts of the world due to its expanded accessibility but Fortnite with its cutesy gameplay is also catching up fast. To counter this and celebrate the Chinese New Year in style, Tencent Games has rolled out an update for the Chinese version of PUBG MOBILE. The best part? It features monsters!

The Chinese client of PUBG MOBILE has been given a new gameplay feature to keep up with the Chinese New Year theme that involves shooting down monsters. As shown by a gameplay videofrom Rae LAGARDO’s YouTube channel, the game does let players fight against each other in a Classic Mode style match. However, as you play along, you will come across monster statues spread throughout the map. Going near the statutes will activate them and spawn small monsters.

The players are required to kill the monsters and collect the special loot items that they contain. Do note that when the monsters attack, the player’s life deteriorates. The crates can also contain a special flare gun, which upon firing, will lead to an apocalyptic cloud spawning a bigger monster. Killing this monster will deliver bigger loots with more powerful weapons.

PUBG MOBILE in China also gets a special battle mode that throws in up to eight players in a small battle arena with limited weapons. The players will have to fight out a huge monster with a longer life. Similar to boss fights from PC games, the monster will try to mow down all the players upon being attacked. In between the battle, a modified red zone will take place, which when capturing the player depletes life. Additionally, the monster can also shoot fireballs that can kick the player out of the game. The game will keep dropping occasional supplies of crates to keep the players’ weapons refilled.

Do note that the monster update is only limited to the Chinese version of PUBG MOBILE. There’s no information on whether Tencent Games could consider bringing such a game mode to other markets. As of now, a zombie mode is scheduled to hit PUBG MOBILE, with hints of the upcoming update already visible in parts of the game.